What's a Certified Pre-Owned BMW?
A certified pre-owned BMW is one that has been lightly used, thoroughly inspected (and repaired if necessary) and then covered by a manufacturer-backed extended warranty. Keep in mind that this warranty isn't the same as a new car's "bumper-to-bumper" coverage. It's possible to get that type of coverage, but it will cost extra. CPO programs also offer additional benefits, which may include roadside assistance, free maintenance, satellite radio subscription and trip interruption coverage, depending on the program. These benefits are part of your car purchase - you don't buy them separately. Some CPO vehicles may even have low finance rateBMs, offered as promotions that wouldn't be available in a traditional used-car deal.

What Does "Certified" Really Mean? 
Some car dealerships put the "certified" label on used vehicles after they've put them through a basic inspection or reconditioning. These cars are not actual CPO vehicles. They have not met the manufacturer's criteria for inspection, nor do they come with a factory extended warranty. Additionally, only a genuine CPO vehicle can qualify for the additional perks of a CPO program.

The cardinal rule is this: Only a manufacturer's franchised dealer can sell that manufacturer's CPO vehicles. This means that if a dealership can sell new BMWs, then it also can sell BMW CPO vehicles. It cannot, however, offer a Lexus or any other brand as an official CPO car.


 Dealer Certified
ONLY Manfactured Backed Warranty
Inspected by Factory Trained Technicians
Part of the warranty-no other purchase necessary
Accepted at any BMW dealer
Low manufacturer interest rates and incentives
Many other perks!

 Not backed by Manufacturer
Basic inspection or econditioning
Not really included in price
May not be accepted at out of town dealer
No manufacturer rates or incentives

BMW Certified vs. Dealer Certified Models

It doesn't matter if you're from Saint Augustine, Jacksonville Beach or beyond, don't fall for car dealership tricks. Other dealerships will advertise their certified pre-owned models but they will only be dealer certified. Our BMW dealership wants to clear the confusion and show you the true difference between a BMW certified pre-owned car, coupe or SUV and a dealer certified one.

Dealer Certified

These are used vehicles that have been inspected by the dealership. While this seems like a great way to get more peace of mind in the car-buying process, there is a catch. The inspections they conduct are only basic inspections or reconditionings. They also don't come with manufacturer rates, incentives and are not backed by the manufacturer. So, while they may be called certified models, they don't come with the same guarantee as a BMW certified pre-owned model would  

Experience a BMW Certified Pre-Owned Car in the Jacksonville area

A certified pre-owned BMW is a model that is lightly used and has gone through a rigorous inspection process. They are backed by a warranty and receive low manufacturer interest rates and incentives. Not only are they high-quality vehicles but you can receive them for a competitive price.

Fernandina Beach drivers should be aware that they don't come with a complete "bumper-to-bumper" warranty but folks do have the option to upgrade to one. Although, the warranty that it comes with is equipped with no added charge. These certified models are also accepted and sold at any BMW dealer.

If you are from Gainesville or beyond and are interested in a CPO model but want to learn more before you make a decision, call or stop by our dealership today! One of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you!