Service at our dealership is essential. Our BMW service technicians are expertly trained to diagnose any issues. We repair your particular make of vehicle, and know through experience which tools to use for specific issues. We can give you practical advice on your specific vehicle. Our team doesn't guess, and we offer many years of experience under our belt. We have specific tools required for every job, and only used OEM parts for repairs. We don't settle or allow you to settle for parts that might not be a solution.

We are also aware of any current or past factory recalls. We have larger bays with high technology lifts. We can work with your busy schedule. Our expert technicians are here to make sure your vehicle is always safe. We understand what's riding in your vehicle. We know you have a lot depending on your transportation needs. We don't take that for granted.

Here at Tom Bush BMW Jacksonville, we love our customers and appreciate your business. We want you to come to us for service for a lifetime. That's why we work so hard to keep your business. Our service department is the heart of our dealership. You can visit our service department today or call for an appointment.

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