Don’t Be Taken By Surprise This Halloween

This Halloween, we here at Tom Bush BMW Jacksonville want to remind you to drive slow. Drive at least five mph under the speed limit and watch for children. Small children can be difficult to see in the dark and especially if they are wearing dark clothing. Stay alert and pay attention to the road when you are driving. Children do not always follow the rules of the road, and they don't always use the crosswalks. If you expect children to be spontaneous like they can tend to be sometimes, you will be better prepared and will be able to stop in time if you need to. Use your hazard lights when you slow down or stop on the street and don't pass another vehicle that is stopped or that have slowed down because they could be waiting for a child to cross the street.

Be aware and drive defensively this Halloween. If you need a spooktacular new BMW car or SUV for your family’s Halloween adventures, visit our BMW dealership in Jacksonville, FL today!

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