Buying a BMW over Leasing a BMW

Advantages to Buying Over Leasing a New-Model BMW

Many folks enjoy leasing because it tends to be cheaper month-to-month. Leasing also allows people the option to upgrade when their lease is up. Although, there are several advantages to buying a BMW over leasing one. Check out a few of these advantages below and let us know which you would prefer.

  • No Mileage Restriction: Leased cars, coupes and SUVs tend to have a restriction on how many miles that you can put into it. That means that if you live in a rural area outside of Jacksonville or Saint Augustine then it may be best to buy instead of lease.
  • Flexible Credit: Leasing a BMW requires an exceptional credit score. If yours is less than perfect then buying may be the best option. The interest rate may be slightly higher but it will allow you to get a BMW in your driveway!
  • No Excess Wear Fees: It doesn’t matter if you’re from Jacksonville Beach or Fernandina Beach, a lease tends to require that you bring the BMW back in near perfect condition. Since buying means you own it, you are not charged for any wear and tear on the vehicle because it is all yours!
  • Equity: A leased vehicle requires that you return it at the end of your contract. That means that you don’t have any equity to use toward your next vehicle purchase. When you buy a BMW, you can sell it when you are done with it and use the money for your next vehicle purchase.

There are a number of other advantages to buying a BMW over leasing one. If you are a Gainesville driver and want to learn more about these advantages, call or stop by our dealership today! One of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you!