It can be easy to ignore, especially in the bizarre times we’re facing right now, but it is still important to make sure that your BMW model is getting the service it needs to live a long and healthy life. A key part of that service plan is keeping up with regular BMW oil changes, and Tom Bush BMW in Jacksonville is here to help! Whether you’re in Saint Augustine, Gainesville, or Fernandina Beach, our BMW Service Center is available to change the oil and filter in your BMW to ensure your engine stays protected.

Why Oil Changes are Important

Your engine is a series of fast-moving metal parts, and many of them would be in constant contact with each other if not for a lubricating layer of engine oil that coats and protects each component. Even the most advanced oil technology can’t last forever, and over time both heat and friction will break down that engine oil and it will lose its ability to properly coat your internal engine parts. When this happens, metal-on-metal contact results in both extreme heat and physical damage that spell disaster for any engine if left unchecked. In addition, your oil filter becomes clogged with dirt and other particles and can no longer filter your oil properly. When this happens, debris can build up in the small passageways within your engine, slowing or stopping oil flow altogether, causing certain areas to be starved of oil. Together, these issues will take down even a brand-new engine, so it is critical that you keep up with both oil and filter changes at our BMW service center near Jacksonville Beach.

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