Tom Bush BMW Jacksonville and the Importance of Oil Changes for your BMW 

One of the most common services for your BMW is the oil change, and drivers come in from Saint Augustine every day to get them. We'll go over oil change FAQs you might have about this simple yet important service! 

What is the purpose of oil? 

Think of oil as the lifeblood of your BMW. It flows through the engine and other important components to keep parts lubricated and to stop your engine from overheating. That's especially important in warm Jacksonville Beach.


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What happens if you forgo your oil change? 

Oil changes are basic services, and they're ones our technicians can probably do in their sleep. But basic doesn't mean unnecessary. You might be tempted to avoid coming in for an oil change and instead spend your days off at Fernandina Beach. However, here's what can happen if you skip too many: 

  • Your fuel efficiency ratings will decline 
  • The oil will become gummy and won't provide as much lubrication or cooling 
  • In severe cases, this can warp your engine 
  • Trust us, it's better to come in for oil change service than deal with engine damage repairs and costs! 

    How often do you need to bring your BMW in for oil changes? 

    Now that you know how important oil changes are, you're probably wondering how often you should come in! Each BMW has its own oil change schedule, and you can find that information in your owner's manual. You usually need to come in every 7,500- or 10,000-miles. If you're a lessee who mostly sticks around Gainesville, come in once at least year. 

    The 3,000-mile rule for oil changes is obsolete for most modern vehicles. You've also probably heard of the 15,000-mile oil change for BMW's. That number is for a more comprehensive oil change service. Please don't actually wait that long between services. 

    Why you should visit us instead of local mechanics! 

    Local mechanics, even those who specialize in luxury European models, typically have lower costs than a dealership service center. There are a few reasons we're worth the extra fees: 

  • We work exclusively with BMW 
  • We're directly connected to the OEM and know best practices and things to watch for 
  • There's specific ring that's used during BMW oil and filter changes, and you can only get a perfect fit with a Genuine BMW Part, which you won't get that from a local mechanic 
  • If you're coming up on an oil change interval or your dash has given you the oil change alert, use our online scheduler to set up an appointment.


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